Plymouth Plymouth, WI is home to many educational opportunities in the field of nursing, offering students an array of options for pursuing a career in nursing.

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Plymouth, WI is proud to be home to an outstanding system of nurse education. The Plymouth School District offers an array of training opportunities for nurses seeking to advance their careers. Whether you are just starting in your nursing career, gaining specialty skills, or pursuing higher education and certification, we have something for everyone.

Plymouth High School’s vocational program in Nursing Education delivers real-world instruction. Students can gain skills in areas like patient assessment, medical terminology, and nursing law and ethics. They can even practice on mannequins and participate in simulations! After completing the program, they’re well on their way to becoming a certified nurse.

We also offer a Certificate in Nursing program at our local community college. This program is perfect for those looking to take their nursing career to the next level and gain certification as a registered nurse. The college has state-of-the-art facilities, and the professors are experienced in their fields.

Finally, Plymouth is home to a number of high-quality universities, where nurses can pursue advanced degrees. Our institutions provide an excellent education, while providing an array of specialized courses and concentrations. These programs prepare nurses to succeed in the ever-evolving world of health care.

In short, Plymouth, WI is the ideal place for nurses to learn and grow. From novice-level instruction to graduate school, our city offers everything a nurse needs to start or further a career in nursing. With excellent training and support, nurses in Plymouth are well-positioned to reach their highest potential.