Des Moines

Des Moines Des Moines,WA provides a variety of educational opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career as a nurse, from traditional four-year universities to specialized certification programs.

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Des Moines


Des Moines,WA is known for its commitment to providing quality Nursing Education and Resources. With a population under 40,000, Des Moines is committed to ensuring that all its citizens have access to the best healthcare. The city is home to several nursing programs such as the Des Moines Technical and Community College Nursing Program, the Des Moines University Nursing Program and the Seattle-Tacoma Institute of Technology Nursing Program.

The Des Moines Technical and Community College Nursing Program is offered at various locations in the city and provides a wide range of courses in nursing. These courses range from basic theory and clinical skills to advanced topics such as critical care and research. The program also offers an Associate Degree in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The Associate Degree program allows graduates to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to become registered nurses.

The Des Moines University Nursing Program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and offers both online and campus based degree programs. The online program focuses on nursing fundamentals such as anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and nutrition. The programs also include courses in community health, leadership and management. The campus based program offers courses in public health, gerontological nursing, health promotion, and informatics.

The Seattle-Tacoma Institute of Technology Nursing Program is designed to provide a comprehensive education in nursing. The program offers a variety of classes including nursing theory, pharmacology, and medical-surgical nursing. The program also includes a practicum where students can gain hands-on experience in clinical settings. Upon completion, students are eligible to take the NCLEX and become registered nurses.

Des Moines, WA offers a variety of options for those seeking to pursue a career in nursing. With quality educational resources and experienced faculty, students can be sure they are getting the best education possible. So when considering a career in nursing, look no further than Des Moines, WA for quality nursing education.