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Cape Girardeau Nurse education in Cape Girardeau, MO provides students with the opportunity to become a qualified nurse and specialize in advanced medical field.

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Cape Girardeau


Nurse education in Cape Girardeau,MO is designed to provide the highest quality of professional nursing education available. As a key resource in health care and nursing, Cape Girardeau offers numerous accredited nursing schools, each providing students with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary for success in the field. No matter what your individual career aspirations are, you can find a way to achieve them in Cape Girardeau.

The curriculum at nursing schools in Cape Girardeau is diverse and encompasses many nursing disciplines from advanced cardiac life support to critical care to gerontology. Depending upon your personal interests and goals, you can select a program that meets your individual needs. Students can expect to receive a comprehensive education which includes didactic coursework combined with hands on clinical experience. Many programs also incorporate a community based element in the form of internships or service projects, allowing students to apply their learning in real world situations.

Cape Girardeau also provides excellent post-baccalaureate graduate programs in nursing. These programs are designed specifically for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing but wish to further their education and expertise. Graduate level courses include advanced specialty areas such as healthcare leadership and research. By enrolling in such courses, students can further refine their skills and knowledge while making themselves more attractive to potential employers.

In addition to educational opportunities, Cape Girardeau is also home to a variety of healthcare facilities, ranging from large hospitals and medical centers to small family practices. This allows nurses in the area to gain valuable, real world experience and helps to expand their scope of practice. Many of these same institutions also offer job opportunities for nurses, allowing graduates to enter the workforce immediately after graduating.

For those interested in pursuing nursing in Cape Girardeau, MO, there are plenty of programs and resources available to help students reach their goals. With its excellent educational offerings, diverse clinical settings, and abundance of employment opportunities, Cape Girardeau is an ideal location to pursue a highly rewarding career in nursing.