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Corpus Christi Nurse education in Corpus Christi, TX provides students with the skills, knowledge and compassionate care needed to excel in their profession.

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Corpus Christi


Nurse education in Corpus Christi, TX is an important part of healthcare in the region. The city’s hospitals and medical centers employ a wide range of nursing professionals, from registered nurses (RNs) to physicians, who require specialized training to provide quality patient care in this unique Gulf Coast environment. Nurses in Corpus Christi have access to numerous educational opportunities to help them enhance their skills and stay current with modern medical practices. From certificate programs to associate and bachelor’s degrees in nursing, there are plenty of options for aspiring nurses in the area.

The University of Texas at Corpus Christi offers the most complete nursing education program in the region, offering two-year associate’s degrees, four-year bachelor’s degrees, and certificate programs. UTCC also offers specialized courses in gerontology, oncology, and advanced practice nursing.

Students who complete an associate's degree program can expect to take classes in: anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nursing fundamentals, and medical-surgical nursing. Bachelor’s degree students will also complete courses in: health assessment, research, nutrition, mental health and leadership. Certificate programs are available in such fields as family nurse practitioner, nurse educator, nurse leader and more.

Corpus Christi also home to the Corpus Christi Medical Center, which provides a number of nursing education and career opportunities. CCMC offers a variety of courses in nursing specialties such as pediatrics, ICU/ER, and critical care. The hospital also has an extensive mentorship program for nursing students, which includes job shadowing and clinical rotations.

In addition to these hospital-based programs, Corpus Christi offers a variety of private nursing schools that can provide students with the credentials they need to enter the field. The Del Mar College Nursing Program, for example, offers a two-year associate’s degree in nursing along with a variety of other courses and certifications.

Clearly, for those looking for nursing education in Corpus Christi, TX, there are plenty of options. With its vast array of both university and private programs, aspiring nurses have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to pursue a rewarding career in healthcare.